My sound healing session session with Shelby was a beautiful and deep experience. I felt safe and completely taken care of. I let go and put myself in Shelby’s hands. I felt connected to my body and to the earth. I gained new insights about myself and my life. I felt like Shelby opened a door inside of me, a door to my full potential, to new possibilities and ways of being. I came away feeling lighter and more whole!


In gratitude for the amazing healing session Shelby Sharie! Sharie does a session called: “Healing with intention” Healing with ‘intention setting’ has always been powerful and sustaining for me because it is unlocks my subconscious mind, freeing it to create and manifest my deepest desires! Your healing technique of intention setting + tuning forks + oil and crystals = the most profound healing I’ve had! I encourage everyone to experience Shelby Sharie’s giftedness in this technique!

Cheryl Wolff

Wholeness blessing testimonial: ” I experienced myself being liberated. Liberated from my small self. Liberated into the big reality. With the God self. My being is being.My life is living. I am a VERY body aware person, and I have NEVER Before this moment felt such Life force surge through me as now. Your touch is God’s touch. I know grace now. I know the fingerprints of grace. I am forever changed. It is simply that. I am forever changed!

April Silas

Sharie Cohen (Shelby) who did the sound healing on me that totally ended the feverish miserable portion of my flu. It took 20 minutes amazing!

Alexandria Nichandros

Getting an acutonics session by was so deeply relaxing and healing I felt the tension melt away as she placed the ohm tuning forks on my back and spine and on my face, and feet. I feel highly energized and a sense of energy and clarity in my body and mind.. I recommend Shelby Sharie’s exquisite healing sessions for anyone who wants to experience a deeper feeling of being. I am definitely and coming back to get another session.

Kataka Gara

It was the healing session with Shelby that finally turned my terrible respiratory infection around. I had been practically flat on my back for ten days when she walked into my house and performed what seemed to be magic. I was surprised at how much I got to participate in the session, with visualizations, relaxation, breathing. When she left, I felt something – but didn’t pay much attention. But that evening and during the next two days, my strength and my health began returning as if it were rushing into me from all sides! I felt whole and strong and more than that — ABLE. Able to heal. Able to be present. Thank you, Shelby! That’s the truth. Thank you!!! With love,


Shelby, Thank you for the sound healing chakra balancing phone call today! I’m feeling more energized and optimistic that this cold will be short lived.. Happy New Year and Many Blessings to you!

Victoria King